Design and result-oriented UX

A website that looks good but doesn't deliver can be considered as useless. We offer a unique design that delivers a visually attractive site that supports your app, webshop or website through its user-friendliness.

A website built as a grid is clearer. Customers find their way more easily, which results in better conversions. A design that fits your branding and brand identity makes the visitor feel addressed. But most of all, they want a solution. That's why we find the following things very important:

Unique digital house style

Your online style is visually unique

Show your unique personality and demonstrate what your organisation stands for with a clear corporate identity. Translate your corporate identity into a digital identity. You can also count on DevelopWizard for a completely new branding.

Taking your values and objectives as our starting point, we develop a unique visual style that fits your identity. This will make you stand out from your competitors and appeal directly to your target group.

Bespoke web design

Custom web design

Your company is unique. So why settle for a standard theme? DevelopWizard builds a unique design for each project. Based on your corporate identity we design a unique layout, with matching fonts, colours and other style elements.

Of course, the choice of the right colours with sufficient contrast to use is studied in order to guarantee readability and accessibility with each custom web design, and this also on small screens.

UX design

Positive and useful online experiences

User Experience Design (UX Design) is all about what your target group needs. By, as an example displaying functionalities in a user-friendly way, you help them the most.

DevelopWizard provides responsive design with a logical structure so that navigation is always easy, regardless of the device or screen size used. We group content and make it easy to read and follow. Throughout the project we continue to test the design for user-friendliness.

That's how we make your website more attractive and get people to take action.

Responsive design

Your website on any device

Because every visitor can use a different device, your website must work and look good in every browser and on every device. That's why our front-end developers focus heavily on responsive design.

The responsive design allows the content to remain the same on every screen. The design adapts to the device. Your website or webshop is therefore always structured. Our responsive design provides ease of use and tempts your visitor to perform actions and interactions.

First a prototype

In every project, we start with a prototype. During the analysis phase, we develop a User Experience (UX) design. Based on the mobile-first principle, we show all functionalities here.

In this phase, we put the user first and check whether everything works intuitively and whether the user can use the site as intended. Only when the prototype is ready do we start working on colours, logos and visual design.

Case study

Max Molly Urban Pets

The comprehensive website of is the company's flagship. "It plays such an important role in getting us branded and has been crucial in expanding our global sales," says Michael.

Max Molly Urban Pets

Your style guide

If you need a new or updated house style, we can draw up a style guide for you. This sets out all the guidelines for your own style. Think of colours, fonts and use of visuals.

The style guide is the starting point for designing your website, webshop or app. That's why we provide an orderly library with every visual element you can think of. This way we make sure the look and feel of your website is always consistent.

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