The culture of DevelopWizard

No-nonsense, goal-oriented, innovative and always with a smile. These terms typify the culture of DevelopWizard.

Our modern office offers you different working environments where you can work well. But the most important thing, of course, is your colleagues. We are on friendly terms with each other and have become a bit of a family. Our shared values make it a pleasure to work hard every day on innovative online projects. That enthusiasm sets us apart from other web agencies. Will you join us?

Quality takes time

Sometimes it seems like everything has to go faster. We believe that delivering quality demands that you take your time. No matter what the job is, we work quietly and thoughtfully: a business analysis, developing your online marketing strategy or developing your webshop, website or app. It may take a little longer, but you do get a product that stands the test of time. After all, it's the small details that make the big difference.

We firmly believe that our results prove that our approach is the right one. Our customers seem to agree.

Down to Earth

Account managers tend to use buzzwords. They don't say anything, but use lots of complicated terms to do so. We do not do that.

We are not out to impress you with our sales pitch, we want to impress you with our results. No inflated stories, but nice and down-to-earth.

We do have a clear vision, also about your project. You can't escape that when you choose a passionate agency like DevelopWizard. We want to understand your business, understand your strategy and spar with you to make your results even better.

Driven, but calm

When you see our developers at work, the calm and friendly atmosphere is very noticeable. This is because we have a very flat structure. We are not a hierarchy, but a family. But although the quietness might suggest otherwise, our drive and passion for your project is immense. We work hard, challenge each other and have an eye for detail. We always want to do better, so that we can take on even bigger challenges.

Knowledge is there to be shared

We love to spar. With our customers, but also with each other. At DevelopWizards, sharing knowledge with each other is the most normal thing in the world. How else would you like to learn? Sometimes this is very concrete knowledge, one developer explaining to another how a feature works best, but it can also be broader, such as a strategist explaining to the designers how a strategy is created, or a designer giving the programmers a lesson about colours and design. This is how we continue to develop.

Practical approach to technology

"New" is not always better. We only use new technology when it is relevant and achieves results. Preferably not new technology that still has bugs, but tech and tools that are future proof. The technology must offer added value.

We automate boring work, handy tools help us plan activities. All so that we can make even more beautiful things.

Why do you fit in at DevelopWizard?

  • Because you want to move forward, to improve step by step
  • Because you believe that knowledge is there to be shared
  • Because you have your heart on your sleeve, but you can also listen
  • Because you do not sit and wait for someone else, but take the initiative yourself. We will come and help you
  • Because you understand that a healthy discussion helps everyone
  • Because you are honest, with a golden heart.

Happy to go to work

New colleagues sometimes feel as if they have landed in a warm bath. At DevelopWizard we ensure a pleasant working atmosphere.

We want everyone to be able to come into their own. By alternating open spaces and closed work areas, we offer everyone a pleasant place to work. This is where you work every day, both on your projects and on your own growth path.

Working at home? No problem. Of course, we'd like to see you at the office every now and then, but that's fine. Because the nice atmosphere and the good facilities you find at the office, you will miss at home. But still, you are allowed to work at home a few days a month.

Digital natives

Every employee has their own expertise. Some can produce the most complex code in an instant, others are brilliant with content plans or online marketing, and others keep track of finances. But what we all have in common is that we grew up with the internet. Some saw the rise of the internet, others can't imagine life without a smartphone. But we all love the internet and what technology can do in our lives.

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